December 8, 2009

Chocolate Chip

_MG_1953, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.

It is really funny how things you do as a joke can end up being some of your favorites.

I was really acting up at work this morning, and this was one of my side projects that really served no purpose. There are several things behind why I did it though.

1) There is a girl who uses my computer when I am not around, but who doesn't after all? Anyway, she left me post-it notes last week about both my desktops and that I take "her" muffins. So I thought this would be a double poke in the eye to her.

2) I was still on my "artsy" black and white photo kick from last night, and figured why not do one more.

3) It gave me a reason to not be productive in InDesign at 8 am.

4) It just looked like a really good muffin. This is what really got me started, the chocolate oozing over the side looked really cool.

I didn't really edit the photo much, just made it black and white in Camera RAW.

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