December 7, 2009


_MG_1951, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.

So, I self-diagnosed myself as having a sinus infection (don't worry, they aren't contagious). Anyway, I thought while I was sitting here listening to Joni Mitchell and the Counting Crows and Norah Jones, preparing to fall asleep, and waiting for my tea to not be scalding (I am British after all) that I would take one of those real classy photos of a drink and books.

You see them all the time at Boarders and Barnes and Noble, and I like to make fun of them. Books are just not contrasty by nature. So, just keep in mind I'm not all the sudden trying to be artsy. I'm not that delirious from being sick.

I thought about hand-coloring the honey bottle, or at least part of it. I love that effect, but one I am tired of seeing it, and two I just don't think it fits in this case.

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