March 19, 2010


 This isn't meant to be an award winning photo or anything, I just felt like playing with my camera, and photographing some objects I wouldn't normally bother with.

I was just cleaning house a little bit, and decided to take a photo of my guitar. I bought this years ago, it was one of the first "expensive" purchases I made with money I earned. The other first one was a fine leather jacket, which I also still have.

Mainly, this guitar serves as a reminder that I'm left-handed, which doesn't bite me in the ass as much as it used to. Basically, I used to play the piano pretty well, and I thought I'd try guitar. Well, I never found anyone who wanted to bother teaching a leftty. Unlike the piano, it matters with the guitar.

I imagine it is really out of tune by now, but I keep it in good condition for someday, when I decide to try again.

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