March 30, 2010

Jessica Valenti

      Jessica Valenti, author and founder of, did a speaking engagement and book signing at Pitt tonight. I didn't want to break out the D-SLR camera during her speech because it was a small room and makes a decent bit of noise, as I learned from both McCurry and a video of a bird that my friend Lisa sent me. I've learned my lesson there...
     Anyway, we won't get into the reasons why I am all for the feminist movement. I will save that for another day and place.  I could go on and on about the subject, so it is just better if I don't start.
     I will say that she makes very valid points, and argues her case like a person, not like a News Channel host. That is something I always respect, especially as our society turns more and more to those people. Even if you aren't in to Feminism, I suggest checking the site out anyway.
     The last thing, I would like to say on the subject, is that I like this current generation of writers. Valenti started as a writer, and still his, but she also manages to write books and make a career. You can argue all you want about blogging and such, but the point is she is getting a message out there to an audience. On top of that, this generation of writers seem to always be a lot more approachable then you would expect. Perhaps that is something to do with so much of these careers being built on social networking.
     While Feminism is a topic I care about, it is not my main focus. I still feel that her speech and work can inspire me push both my photography and my Nature/Environmentalism focus.
     I just liked this photo, despite it being taken with my happy snap. I got Valenti speaking (on the right), faces of attendees, the Pitt Seal, and a "catchy" slide from her presentation.

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