March 11, 2010

Norah Jones

Ah, where do I even begin? Seeing Norah Jones in concert is always an interesting (in my case always a bank breaking one too) experience, and worth it. She always plays for a good two plus hours, not counting an always great opening act (last time was M. Ward, and look where he is now).

What always draws my attention with her concerts is all the instruments. It really shows how talented her and her bandmates are. While you can hear them all on the album, you notice them more when you see everyone switching the instruments up after each song.

I was disappointed that my 40D and 50mm lens couldn't make it through the doors, because I could have got some great shots. Photographing her is really high on my bucklet list, but I think I did well considering I got my happy snap in, and turned the flash off. 

The trip is also worth it on each tour because with each album, she changes her style. The experience always feels new. You also never know what to expect song wise. You can always expect to hear the songs that made her famous (Come Away with Me, Don't Know Why, Etc.) but often times random songs make in it. A Johnny Cash song that isn't on any of her albums made it tonight, as well as covers of Wilco and the Kinks. I have to admire any woman who ends her main set with the Kinks...

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