April 24, 2010

head First

IMG_0008, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.

Today was a pretty intense day. Basically, I found out I got in to grad school on Friday. That meant that my days of not having a lot of things to photograph are drawing to an end, for a few more years at least. So, I had a picnic to go to today, and figured while I was in Cal that I would shoot some sports, play with some equipment I can't afford, and generally start getting back in to my old habits. I didn't intend to shoot as much as I did, but I'm back to my old ways.

I thought a lot of these photos, especially the football ones, are probably the best I've ever done with football. I hope the 23 shots I posted today from the various sports reminds everyone what I am capable of. I know I was personally starting to forget, as well as wonder if I still had it in me. The answer is yes, I am still capable of happily spending all day running around in the sun with a lot of heavy stuff and not wanting to complain about it.

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