May 15, 2010

Steel Hurtin' Vs. Suburban Brawl

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Tonight was the third home bout of the season for Steel Hurtin' and the B-Unit Bombers, as well as my first shooting for the league.

In case you haven't read my gushing posts about the sport in the past, I will make my case again.

First, you just have to admire all the players. This isn't a full-time gig for them, but they have to make the time to practice as well as for the bouts. Maybe it is just me, but those are the athletes I admire. The same applies to any movement

Second, there is the sense of humor that goes with the sport. Not everywhere, but the names and the commentary are amazing, and make me chuckle a bit.

Third, are the fans. I didn't notice this until I was shooting softball all weekend, but derby fans don't seem to be as obnoxious as other sports. All weekend at softball people shouted stupid things at the players like "keep your eye on the ball!" Every time people say things like that, I just like to picture the person thinking, "Gee thinks random weirdo. I wouldn't have thought of that on my own."

Last, every one of the players, coaches, and even refs that I have interacted have been the nicest people. Again, it is nice to see humble attitudes in a sport. For example, in other sports, every time I am about to get a great shot, I see a streak of black and white in front of the camera, and realise it is the ref. I was sitting on the edge of the track, and one of the ref skates over. He told me if he was in my way, just let him know. I have never had that happen in any other sport.

So, I hope I shed some insight into why I love the sport, and maybe even convince one or two of you to come to the next home bout. I think Roller Derby has a feel to it that more sports should adopt. If nothing else, all sports should at least have awesome names for their players.

The next home bout is on June 19, against Cleveland.

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