November 2, 2010

The White House

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So, this is an interesting story.

First, you have to queue up in a pretty lengthy line of reservation only people, while being constantly reminded that you are not allowed to have a camera or even take photos with your phone.

Second, when you are done winding through the lengthy queue, you make it to the first security check-point. Here, they check your ID and if it doesn't match the name on the list exactly, or if you fell off the list, you get placed in a detention pen. Basically, this is where a bunch of people who don't speak English, and myself, have to stand for a period of time.

Third, you make it 100 feet and there is another security checkpoint that is not able to communicate with the first checkpoint at all, and they check your ID again, and possibly place you back in the detention pen.

Fourth, you get inside, and go through the metal detectors, then join the not-real-queue of non-English speaking tourists to look at about 7 empty rooms.

Lastly, you leave, try to take photos of the not-famous side of the White House, and get yelled at. Having said all that, it is a must-have experience, and actually quite enjoyable. Just don't expect to see, let alone have memories of, the famous front-side.

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