March 14, 2007

Home Base

Detroit (142), originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
This is the famous Detroit landmark, the GM Tower. I stayed here, and this is where the conference was. It's a posh place.


Detroit (127), originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
I left the room early this morning, to go shoot the sunrise. I'm glad I did. Detroit isn't exactly known for their sunrises, but this was worth it.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
I had black and white film loaded in the camera when I say this wonderful window. It is an amazing photo in my eyes. I developed the film myself.

A Day in Detroit

Portrait, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
So, the story for this photo goes like this:

We were in Detroit for the SPJ Regional Conference. I had my new film SLR camera, and when there was a gap in what I wanted to attend, I did what I do best... Wander off with my camera.

While out in the city, I came across a few places I thought I was going to die for sure. The large man peeing off the wall above me was one.

This photo made the second. After I finished wandering for hours, I was less then two blocks from returning to the hotel, when these guys kept shouting for me. I tried to ignore them, but they ran up and grabbed me. I thought for sure I was going to be mugged. Keep in mind Detroit is famous for being a deadly city. All they wanted was for me to take a photo of them.

This photo says a lot, in my opinion, not only about cliches and stereotypes, but also how my own skills and equipment have improved over the years. I would have NEVER taken a portrait this blah now. No matter how scared I am.