March 31, 2010

Speed Limit

_MG_8329, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.

I was just out walking, and came across some stuff worth taking photos of. Hopefully, I will have a lot more of these every couple of days.


_MG_8325, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.

I was out looking for weeping angels again. I didn't find any, but I found this smaller statue. The depth of field turned out really well, and I ended up liking it anyway.


_MG_8317, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.

I just always enjoy a blue sky and a peaceful scene.


_MG_8318, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.

Anyone else hearing banjos?


_MG_8324, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.

Because this is the natural environment of a boat....

March 30, 2010


Cut me a little slack with this photo, it required a 1 second shutter speed, and I hand held it. I think it looks pretty sharp regardless. There was no real reason for this shot except I felt that I had not used my camera enough tonight.

Jessica Valenti

      Jessica Valenti, author and founder of, did a speaking engagement and book signing at Pitt tonight. I didn't want to break out the D-SLR camera during her speech because it was a small room and makes a decent bit of noise, as I learned from both McCurry and a video of a bird that my friend Lisa sent me. I've learned my lesson there...
     Anyway, we won't get into the reasons why I am all for the feminist movement. I will save that for another day and place.  I could go on and on about the subject, so it is just better if I don't start.
     I will say that she makes very valid points, and argues her case like a person, not like a News Channel host. That is something I always respect, especially as our society turns more and more to those people. Even if you aren't in to Feminism, I suggest checking the site out anyway.
     The last thing, I would like to say on the subject, is that I like this current generation of writers. Valenti started as a writer, and still his, but she also manages to write books and make a career. You can argue all you want about blogging and such, but the point is she is getting a message out there to an audience. On top of that, this generation of writers seem to always be a lot more approachable then you would expect. Perhaps that is something to do with so much of these careers being built on social networking.
     While Feminism is a topic I care about, it is not my main focus. I still feel that her speech and work can inspire me push both my photography and my Nature/Environmentalism focus.
     I just liked this photo, despite it being taken with my happy snap. I got Valenti speaking (on the right), faces of attendees, the Pitt Seal, and a "catchy" slide from her presentation.

March 28, 2010

Schmap (New York City Edition)

I don't directly have a photo for this, and it is a break in pace for me. Anyway, there are these things called Schmaps. They are interactive maps of major cities. Well, they just released the New York City one, and I got photos of both Coney Island and the Subway system.  Coney Island, South Ferry Station.

I am also up for one for Washington, D.C. and that one should be out next month.

As for how it worked, the process was simple. I just had my photos of the cities uploaded to flickr, and the editor of the site found me. She asked for permission to use them in the short list, and I made it in the end.

March 20, 2010

Lois Blow

_MG_8251, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
Cheeseburgher (nice helmet, huh?) on the left, Lois Blow in the middle grabbing Damage Dahl.

Snot Rocket Science

_MG_8234, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
This is right as the jam started, and Snot Rocket Science (my current favorite) was jamming for Steel Hurtin'.


_MG_8169, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
This hit also turned out better then I thought it would.

Steel Hurtin'

_MG_8125, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.

Coaches: Barf, and Temporary Sanity

Ally McKill #25
Athena #7
BB Basher # B45II
Bonecrusher #82
Cheeseburher #8
Crippler #58
Damage Dahl #XOXO
Dresta Kill #50 Cailiber
Gril Rolla Warfare #412
Helen Fire #Class C
Hurrican Heather #Category 5
J-Bomb #70
Kat Von D'stroya #90
La Diabla #13
Mel Practice #NC-17
Mission Impassable #007
Shocker #2p1s
Snot Rocket Science #6
Whip Smart #555


_MG_8085, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
I can't remember which Vixen this is, but I thought it was a cool motion shot.

Fannie Mayhem

_MG_7984, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
I thought this hit turned out well on film.


_MG_7948, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
See, even the refs have amazingly cool names in Roller Derby.


_MG_7903, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
Just a shot from mid jam. Nothing to eventful, I just like her number (OOPS) and name (Fannie Mayhem)

down but not out

_MG_7889, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
One of the Vixens got knocked down right in front of me. I had to shoot her getting back up.


_MG_7829, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
One of the players the B-Unit Bombers were playing against.

B-Unit bombers

_MG_7808, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
The B-Unit bombers were the first game of the night, and they were up against the Vixens, from Ottawa, Ontario.

I figured since part of the fun of derby is in the names, I'd post the roster.

Coached by: Double Destroyer and Temporary Sanity

Atomic Bombino #1945
Busty Brawler #36DD
Crushin' Dior #24k
Eradikate #84
Death Cake for Cutie #7lyr
Fannie Mayhem #OOPS
Icepick #380
Inna gadda Da Beatcha #1705
McShovin #42
Milfshake #x-thick
Miss Ill #F-14
Speeder Rottentail #302
Tower O Terror #304
Velvet Assassin #.38


_MG_8248, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
This is Mel Practice, #NC-17. She wasn't playing tonight, but I love the name and number combo, and felt she deserved a mention.


_MG_8294, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
This is the Steel Hurtin's mascot.

Romp n' Roll

_MG_7803, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
This is home to the Pittsburgh Roller Derby League.

March 19, 2010

Orange Sky

_MG_7801, originally uploaded by ajcarpinelli.
This is what it looked like, I didn't do any editing.


Chess sets are one of those things I always see photographed in black and white, and I decided while I was checking my camera, I might as well set it up. I think it turned out alright, but not my greatest work.


 This isn't meant to be an award winning photo or anything, I just felt like playing with my camera, and photographing some objects I wouldn't normally bother with.

I was just cleaning house a little bit, and decided to take a photo of my guitar. I bought this years ago, it was one of the first "expensive" purchases I made with money I earned. The other first one was a fine leather jacket, which I also still have.

Mainly, this guitar serves as a reminder that I'm left-handed, which doesn't bite me in the ass as much as it used to. Basically, I used to play the piano pretty well, and I thought I'd try guitar. Well, I never found anyone who wanted to bother teaching a leftty. Unlike the piano, it matters with the guitar.

I imagine it is really out of tune by now, but I keep it in good condition for someday, when I decide to try again.

March 11, 2010

Norah Jones

Ah, where do I even begin? Seeing Norah Jones in concert is always an interesting (in my case always a bank breaking one too) experience, and worth it. She always plays for a good two plus hours, not counting an always great opening act (last time was M. Ward, and look where he is now).

What always draws my attention with her concerts is all the instruments. It really shows how talented her and her bandmates are. While you can hear them all on the album, you notice them more when you see everyone switching the instruments up after each song.

I was disappointed that my 40D and 50mm lens couldn't make it through the doors, because I could have got some great shots. Photographing her is really high on my bucklet list, but I think I did well considering I got my happy snap in, and turned the flash off. 

The trip is also worth it on each tour because with each album, she changes her style. The experience always feels new. You also never know what to expect song wise. You can always expect to hear the songs that made her famous (Come Away with Me, Don't Know Why, Etc.) but often times random songs make in it. A Johnny Cash song that isn't on any of her albums made it tonight, as well as covers of Wilco and the Kinks. I have to admire any woman who ends her main set with the Kinks...

The Band

Norah Jones at the piano, and her new band strewn across the stage.

Grilled Cheese w/Umbrella and Goldfish

So, this is one of the Lockview's grilled chese sandwiches. This particular one has mozzerella cheese, tomato, and pepperoni. With it are bowls of marina sauce and coleslaw, goldfish crackers, and an umbrella. I don't get it, but it tasted good.

The Lockview

The Lockview is a place I randomly found on the internet and decided it sounded like an adventure. The draw of the place is their grilled cheese, and with good reason. (See Photo above)

EJ Thomas Music Hall

The EJ Thomas Music Hall is part of the University of Akron campus, and the design of both the exterior and the interior is amazing. It was worth the drive to see Norah here.