May 25, 2010

Interview with Anthony Bourdain

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I was privileged enough to get to speak to Anthony Bourdain on the phone earlier. It was not a lengthy conversation, but it was amazing on several levels. I got a lot of great information for my articles as well as a lot of things I just wanted to personally know. We discusses his cooking career, travel career, personal thoughts, his writing, and so on.
It really made me think about a lot of things. So I apologize now if this starts to sound like a diary entry.
I wrote up a preview for of his speaking engagement at Heinz Hall for the Herald-Standard, and other then that I haven’ really processed much of the interview. This post isn’t a re-hashing of what I am writing for the paper, but rather a more personal observation of why I look up to him.
Bourdain is my hero on several fronts. I look up to him first because we both share the same attitude. He is known for being snarky and a cruel sense of humor, but he really isn’t a bad, mean guy the way you think of say that judge on American Idol, who’s name escapes me. Simon. Anyway, sometimes I think that attitude can come off as just being a jerk, but through Bourdain I now see more people get it then I thought. I mean, he is famous for that attitude after all.
I am a huge fan of his books, and I was never sure why until today. He told me he writes like he talks. He said he doesn’t have the time, or care, to pick every perfect word. He just writes and goes about his life. And that is just it, his books are about the content, not the style. That is my personal preference too. Bourdain said he gets it from the oral tradition of story-telling, and he has a point there.
The other big thing is that he has the job I want. He gets to travel the world, experiencing the cultures. This is something I have always wanted to do, so I made sure to ask about it in the interview. Mainly, he said he always more-or-less got to do it on his own terms, working Travel Channel.
I also wanted to know some of the downsides, and he told me a lot about them, without it sounding bad at all. Then he re-assured me saying “I really do have the best job in the world.” We also discusses the places he still wants to go. I was curious if after so long, he had been everywhere, and was in any way bored. He rattled of a fairly detailed list of places, and then added a lot of places he wanted to go back to. That is pretty impressive, since he told me he is away from home over 200 days a year.
It is good to have it re-affirmed for you that what you want to do in life can not only be done, but that it is entirely possible to have a great time doing it. I know that sounds obvious, but I’m not going down an easy, or common career path. I still think that it takes a certain kind of person to do this work, and that personality is rare. After this interview though, I feel more empowered and confident that I can do it then ever.
I interviewed both of my main heroes in life within half a year of each other, which is an opportunity most people never get. So I am grateful for the opportunities I get, and I know just how lucky I can be. How many people ever meet their heroes at all, let alone all of them before age 23? I just now wonder what new goal I should set myself.

May 16, 2010

Split Decision

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The Cal player caught the ball and dropped into a split, touching the base. The ref said the Kutztown player was safe, even though everyone in the stands on both sides disagreed. Personally, I just thought the split was well executed and an amazing move to pull off.

Regardless, Cal won the game.


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Rock and a Hard Place

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Back to the Wall

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May 15, 2010

Steel Hurtin' Vs. Suburban Brawl

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Tonight was the third home bout of the season for Steel Hurtin' and the B-Unit Bombers, as well as my first shooting for the league.

In case you haven't read my gushing posts about the sport in the past, I will make my case again.

First, you just have to admire all the players. This isn't a full-time gig for them, but they have to make the time to practice as well as for the bouts. Maybe it is just me, but those are the athletes I admire. The same applies to any movement

Second, there is the sense of humor that goes with the sport. Not everywhere, but the names and the commentary are amazing, and make me chuckle a bit.

Third, are the fans. I didn't notice this until I was shooting softball all weekend, but derby fans don't seem to be as obnoxious as other sports. All weekend at softball people shouted stupid things at the players like "keep your eye on the ball!" Every time people say things like that, I just like to picture the person thinking, "Gee thinks random weirdo. I wouldn't have thought of that on my own."

Last, every one of the players, coaches, and even refs that I have interacted have been the nicest people. Again, it is nice to see humble attitudes in a sport. For example, in other sports, every time I am about to get a great shot, I see a streak of black and white in front of the camera, and realise it is the ref. I was sitting on the edge of the track, and one of the ref skates over. He told me if he was in my way, just let him know. I have never had that happen in any other sport.

So, I hope I shed some insight into why I love the sport, and maybe even convince one or two of you to come to the next home bout. I think Roller Derby has a feel to it that more sports should adopt. If nothing else, all sports should at least have awesome names for their players.

The next home bout is on June 19, against Cleveland.

Hurricane Heather

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I have to give her a lot of credit and respect. She went down HARD early in the bout. She struggled to get up as the bout continued on, and it kind of looked like a cartoon or a slapstick segment. She would try to get up, wobble, and fall back down. Taking a hit can be hard in general, but you add the momentum these women get, the solid wood floor, and then having to get back up on eight wheels, I don't think a lot of people could have done it.

She got looked over by the EMT and was skating again in the same bout. That is pretty bad-ass in my mind...

Damage Dahl

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Mission Impassible

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Today was the second day of the Softball tournament. Cal U won this game, as they did yesterday, and now play another game tomorrow at noon.

I did serious editing to get down to just good action shots to post.

Freeze Frame

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Strike Zone

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Cut Off

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Photo Finish

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May 14, 2010


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I was back to work today, and shooting a softball tournament. I will have more photos tomorrow, from the second day of it. Anyway, the tournament was hosted at Cal, and I am covering their games this weekend. Since Cal won their game, they will be playing tomorrow at Noon again.

I lead the series from the game with this photo because I like the action, and the dirt.

I got it!

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I find this a good photo from a journalsm stand point. You have a very clear action of the player throwing as well as the sign behind her telling you it is NCAA softball, not that anyone really needed it. I just have to work my journalism degrees into my working career some how from time to time.


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This is just a good freeze frame.

Wind Up

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Dancer Pose

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I thought this was an interesting freeze frame from the pitch. It doesn't look like a softball player at all. I see a dancer.

Dirty, Dirty Girl

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May 12, 2010


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I was thinking this morning about how I haven't posted anything in a few days, and I happened to be cooking at the time. I learned how to make an omelette amazingly well from a techniques special of "No Reservations". I suggest anyone check it out.

This two-egg Omelette, by the way, is full of mozzarella cheese, capicola ham, and pepperoni. Think what you will about it, it was amazingly tasty.

May 8, 2010

Saturated Waterfall

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I was hiking around the almost 10 miles of trail at Friendship Hill this morning, and when I deviated from the path, I discovered this pretty cool water fall. It was horrible to get to. The high today was only 50 first of all. Then, this waterfall has steep cliffs on either side of it, so the only way to get close is to walk on various dead trees that lay over the water. Well, naturally I wasn't expecting this so I was wearing my new expensive running shoes. I got over the worst point of the water, and below me was just muddy water.

I heard a snap, and next thing I knew I was standing waist deep in muck. At that point all bets were off, and I snapped a lot of photos and a few videos.

The video thing is an experiment I am working on. I want to know if anyone would be interested in short videos of nature and wildlife. I mean everyone loves things like Planet Earth. I haven't really seen photographers do this yet, and I don't know if it is because no one thought of it, or because we only recently got good video in with our still camera equipment, or if it is because no one wants to watch it. I am thinking, it would be literally a moving picture. I posted one, and it is a little shaky because I didn't have a tripod with me. Regardless, what do you think? Is it a good idea?


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This is one of those shots that you just have to take if you see it...

Friendship Hill

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I went to Friendship Hill this morning for an article I am writing for the Herald-Standard. I honestly, always find the house a bit boring. It is like most houses turned museums, all the rooms are always blocked off and you can never get close enough to anything to really see it.

Having said that, I still think it is worth a visit and a quick walk through the house. Gallatin was a pretty big hitter in early American politics.

I always find the grounds amazing, as you can probably tell from the rest of the photos I've uploaded today.


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This is a barn that sits off to the side of the house at Friendship Hill.

May 4, 2010