April 8, 2010

Two years

     So, My camera's protection renewal form was due today. That means that two years ago today, I got my first serious digital camera and started down the path I am on now. Two years ago, my serious love of photography started to grow at an amazing rate. Anyway, this is the second photo I attempted for this post. For the first, I stacked all my 48 cameras I own. On top of the heap, was the 40D.
     What changed my mind was that today, for a job interview I might get selected for, I needed to get my passport. I thought it was a fitting coincidence that I needed to do that today, on what I consider the anniversary of the start of my career. The photo is a representation of my past and future. The photowipes, and negatives are from my darkroom days. The passport was my great grandfathers to get into this country, and the camel picture is a long story. I will come back to it.
     Anyway, I suggest looking back through the archives to see what I have done specifically, but I wanted to hit some general points. I feel I have had a very lucky career so far, and worked with a lot of interesting and helpful people. I've been lucky enough to photograph famous people (Steve McCurry and Ingrid Michaelson, Jessica Valenti), worked with pin-up models, and traveled across the country a lot. I have also covered a lot of sports. I have tried my hand in a lot of different things, and I have loved it all. I won't bother going in to a lot of detail, because the archives are for that.
     The short of my rambling is that I have had a wonderfully varied career so far, and look forward to what the future holds. I am grateful for it all. I am proud of what I have done so far, and look forward to more of it.
     Anyway, as I promised, back to the camel picture. It is a really long story, and I will try to shorten it down as much as I can. So, that photo hung over my grandfather's bed for longer then I have been alive. I always thought it was a painting. When he died, we brought a lot of his stuff here. Over the years my mom managed to throw it all away except this one picture. I never had any idea where it came from, and neither did anyone else. When I was working in the library one day, I was looking through a book of famous National Geographic photos. Well, the photo is one from the December 1911 issue, with a story about Kairowan, in Tunisia. It is one of those things that really makes you wonder about life...

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